Riccardo Varisco

Riccardo Varisco

Associate and Data Protection Specialist
+356 224 82910

What are your areas of speciality?

I focus mainly on Telecommunication, Media and Technology (“TMT”), especially: intellectual property, privacy and data protection, cybersecurity and software licensing. I am also part of lecocqassociate's Online Reputation Management team.

What kind of matters do you enjoy the most?

Personally, my favourite matter is data protection compliance. While it is often seen as onerous and expensive, it is worth to mentioned that is just one way to approach it. A more appropriate manner is to consider it a two-side coin: compliance is a burden and sets limits on how a company could process data, but, on the other hand, it establishes legit conducts for  a business to exploit data.

What is the most impactful work you have done throughout your career?

I do not reckon that there has ever been one particular task more important than others. I think that every task, either small or big, bureaucratic or creative, can give you something or ultimately can teach you a lot. My approach is to as myself: what am I learning while doing this task? What can I do better next time? What are the implications of what I am doing?

Tell us about your academic and professional background.

I did my first LLM in Milan, Italy, where I specialised in telecommunication law. After that, I started my career as an in-house legal counsel. I worked for a telecommunication company in Berlin, where I practiced telecommunication law and intellectual property. During my time in Germany, I became a passionate advocate of data protection, as Germans are quite aware of the topic and they made me aware consequently. Thus I decided to join the ranks of the International Association of Privacy Professional (“IAPP”) and I took and passed the Certified information Privacy Professional Europe (CIPP/E) and the Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM).

Before moving to Malta, I attended my second master in Hannover, Germany, where I specialised in intellectual property, and my third master at the prestigious University of Oslo, Norway, where IT law was born in 1971 and in such subject I specialised.

In Malta, I joined lecocqassociate in May 2019, but I previously had worked for a so-called Big 4, practicing TMT.

Recently, I attended and passed a course on international mediation, focused on cross-border bank and finance disputes.

How many languages do you speak?

According to the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages, I am C2 in Italian (mother tongues),  C1 in English (advance), between B1 and B2 in German (intermediate) and A2 in Norwegian (advance beginner).

What made you want to be a solicitor / lawyer?

When I was in middle school, I was intrigued by the classical rhetoricians, such as Isocrates, Gorgias, Euthydemus, Cicero or Quintilian.  

In ancient times, rhetoric was not considered in a moralistic way and it was a momentous part of a lawyer education, one of the so-called three arts (trivium). The possibility to re-discover that marvellous and long-forgotten art has been my motivation since then.

Business aside, what do you enjoy doing when you are not in the office?

I enjoy reading, playing videogames, watching horror movies, hunting, fishing and marksmanship.

What is your secret talent?

I can dance the Schuhplatter and I am an amateur historian of the Austria-Hungary Empire.