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The BSV Global Blockchain Convention is a 3 day event where blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT experts showcase the exponential potential of how the BSV blockchain will change the world – in ways of managing data and building scalable on-chain solutions. On the third day of this convention, our Founder and Managing Partner Dominique Lecocq was at the panel hosted by Marcin Zarakowski, the General Counsel of the BSV Blockchain Association discussing regulatory matters surrounding blockchain and digital assets alongside 4 industry experts Angus Brown from Centbee, Seamus Andrew from Velitor Law and Raphael Schultz from Blockchain Punk Labs.

The panel explored:

  1. Regulatory arbitrage in the blockchain and/or digital assets space;
  2. If the FATF’s travel rule will endanger or create an opportunity in the digital asset space;
  3. Legal aspects that should be considered by those who issue, trade, buy and use Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs);and
  4. If there is enough regulation in the blockchain and/or digital asset space.

You can read a more detailed article here.

Watch the video of the full discussion below.

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