The team at lecocqassociate approach the corporate and commercial legal landscape in a practical and straightforward manner. We avoid legal jargon and use our extensive experience to focus on the work needed for our clients to reach their goals. We focus on gaining a complete and comprehensive understanding of our client’s business and on identifying any potential risks to that business.

Our team brings its wealth of proven experience to inform and advise clients on matters relating to their company’s existence, such as incorporation, formation and registration, any changes to its constitution, its share structure, the set-up of partnerships, demergers and reorganisation, and dissolution and wind up.

lecocqassociate’s professionals are highly proficient in the drafting of corporate and commercial agreements. These include terms and conditions, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, fiduciary agreements, logistics, agency, distribution, sales and marketing, packaging and manufacturing, franchising, outsourcing, e-commerce, licensing, advertising and sales promotion.

Corporate Governance

At lecocqassociate, our team of professionals ensure that our clients maintain compliance and that they’re continuously updated on the ever-changing landscape of governance. Our offices maintain consistent contact with regulators in Switzerland, Malta, the DIFC as well as the ADGM and our diverse and talented teams are always working to develop strategies that minimise and manage any risks our clients may face.

At lecocqassociate our expert team assists and advises our clients on corporate governance issues such as the drafting of shareholder and board resolutions, all aspects of corporate social responsibility, investments, enforcement of shareholders’ participation rights, special audits and attempted squeeze-outs. Our team vigilantly prepares for uncertainties that may develop which includes analysing and assessing the civil or criminal liability of individuals and entities.

Employment and Benefit Plans

Our strategically based and diverse teams are skilled and experienced in advising clients on employment law and benefit plans. We advise and assist on Swiss, Maltese, DIFC and ADGM laws in relation to employment legislation and regulations and with tax aspects relating to employment. Our professionals are also highly proficient at developing stock option plans; drafting employee handbooks policies, including but not limited to code of conduct, remuneration policies and conflicts of interest policies; drafting employment contracts, severance agreements and secondment agreements; and drafting incentive and benefit plans, redundancy programs and policies.