The importance of a good internet reputation can’t be underestimated. Whether you’re a celebrity, a politician or a business entity a negative assessment of your character, business practice, or associated investment firm is not an uncommon occurrence. However, the damage to your reputation becomes significant if digital media sources pick up the comment or opinion and choose to escalate it.

At lecocqassociate, we understand that our client's success and peace of mind can depend on a positive reputation management online, which is why we invest in actively monitoring and maintaining our clients’ online presence. Our Digital Reputation Management services combine our analytical and legal strategies to evaluate the digital media landscape to provide our client the fairest and reasonable digital presence.

The Digital Reputation Management services will:

  • Protect clients against revenge videos and image based abuse.
  • Conduct thorough online investigations.
  • Undertake Reputation Defense against defamation, libel and slander in Social Media, the Metaverse and Generative AI applications.
  • Protect clients against deep fake-modified or AI-generated images based on the applicable law.

Analytical approach

The analytical team conducts a risk assessment whereby we examine our clients' KYC and online profiles by analysing specific KPIs and the amount of damage caused by this false content.

Legal approach

The legal team will use applicable laws within the relevant jurisdictions to put together solid and factual arguments to contact web hosts and authorities to potentially remove or correct false and inaccurate information published online or in any other forms of public media.

Every case requires designing a different tailor-made strategy to act in the best interest of our clients.

The lecocqassociate's Digital Reputation Management team applies its technological, legal knowledge and experience, in combination with Google’s right to be forgotten, the right to privacy and restriction and additional applicable data protection frameworks, to effectively develop clients’ online presence.

Right from risk assessment to ongoing optimisation and strategy adjustment, we benchmark the process by adhering to the search engine guidelines.