Data has become a core asset for a growing number of companies and, as a result, cybersecurity now plays an essential part of a company’s cyberspace usage. At lecocqassociate, we appreciate the significance and importance of understanding, planning and mitigating the cyber associated risks and crimes a company or business may face.

Our multi-jurisdiction lawyers are skilled in advising on blockchain technology, smart contracts, IT, social media privacy and reputation and artificial intelligence. Our expert team assess any new technology on behalf of a client in order to provide advice and strategic insight on data protection, privacy (including General Data Protection Regulations), cybersecurity standards, cyber crime audits and threats. We assist and negotiate security issues that arise as part of mergers & acquisition transactions and the outsourcing of services, and we assist in managing the regulatory reporting of any cybersecurity incidents.

Our highly committed and experienced team are also there to assist clients in drafting cybersecurity directives and policies customised to their business activities as well as building trust with service providers.

As part of our commitment to innovative problem solving for our clients and command of the constantly evolving digital arena, lecocqassociate is now taking the lead when it comes to advising in the fields of online reputation management, data protection, cybersecurity, digital asset regulation and eSports.