With the continued growth, application and impact of Artificial Intelligence, the legal profession has had to rise to new challenges in a rapidly changing environment. We can provide you with:

Comprehensive AI Legal Advice and Assistance

At lecocqassociate, we provide our clients with progressive services and solutions to issues related to AI and innovative technologies. From matters relating to AI liability to the legal relevance of the ‘Internet of Things’ – where Internet connectivity has expanded into everyday objects and physical devices, lecocqassociate is able to provide clients with comprehensive AI legal advice and assistance. Our professionals are experienced in-laws as they relate to upcoming technologies and understand the constantly evolving nature of this landscape.

Expert Advice on Innovative Technologies

As part of our services in regard to innovative technologies, we also provide expert advice regarding FinTech laws and Smart Contracts, as well as in relation to all matters arising in the life of e-Sport projects.