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Dominique Lecocq spoke to an audience of over 300 GPs and LPs on "Fundraising: The Most Optimal Structure for Your Project" and "Finding a Home: Fund Domiciling and the Legal Stuff" during the SuperReturn Emerging Markets 2023 event at Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

Fundraising: The Most Optimal Structure for Your Project

Dominique's keynote presentation on "Fundraising: The Most Optimal Structure for Your Project" touched upon the "real" aspects of fundraising - that paradise does not exist. When fundraising, there will be many questions and not all answers will satisfy you or your investors. Key considerations for fundraisers looking to structure a project must consider the following:

  1. Who - do you target?; will manage?; will be your service providers?
  2. What - strategy? liquidity? diversification? timeline? costs? investment size?
  3. How - will the structure be (investment fund/securitisation vehicle/club deal)?; do you even need a fund?
  4. When - do you want to launch? do you want to start your marketing efforts?
  5. Where - do you want to launch? will you market?
  6. What - does your investors really want to see?

Finding a Home: Fund Domiciling and the Legal Stuff

Some really interesting insights as they discuss tax and regulatory implications of domiciling funds abroad in an emerging markets context. How to tackle corruption and other risks associated with tax havens. Tailoring to the business: housing the fund to gain the best access – Mauritius, Luxembourg, or somewhere else? What happens when deciding the move jurisdictions from one fund to another?

Final Note

For those of you who missed it, not to worry, we have attached Dominique's key note presentation. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an enquiry here.

Thank you all for the support. We look forward to seeing you next time at a conference in the near future!

Dominique Lecocq

Dominique Lecocq

Founder and Managing Partner