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The guide available for downloading above provides a comparison between different free zones in UAE which allow an entity to conduct the activity of trading construction and steel equipment. Given the limited information received on the details of the product and activity, we have assumed that the products would not entered the United Arab Emirates and therefore that a warehouse would not be, at this stage, required.

Please note that this presentation is for information purposes only and its content will be subject to change depending on further detailed information from the client. This information is also subject to any changes which the relevant UAE free zone authorities introduce in the interim and/or the near future.

The key free zones that have been considered for the purpose of this presentation are the following:

• JabelAli Free Zone Authority (“JAFZA”)

• Sharjah Airport Free Zone (“SAIF”)

• Al HamriyaFree Zone Authority (Sharjah) (“AHFZ”)

• Dubai World Centre/Dubai South (“DWC”)

• Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone Authority (“RAKEZ”)

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Sophie Bonifas
Sophie Bonifas