lecocqassociate is a boutique corporate regulatory finance practice established in Geneva in 2007, specialising in selected areas, including regulatory banking, collective investments, corporate finance, regulatory insurance, private equity and white collar crime. lecocqassociate also has a regulatory advisory practice based in Malta, a structuring advisory practice in the Dubai International Financial Centre and a legal consultancy in Abu Dhabi Global Market.

We are seeking a lawyer admitted to the bar, with at least three (3) years’ of experience, to assist us in financial regulatory and corporate matters, including but not limited to:

  • Structuring and incorporation of financial institutions regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (in the DIFC) and Financial Services Regulatory Authority (in the ADGM) (the “Regulated Entities”);
  • Drafting of policies and procedures for Regulated Entities, including but not limited to; compliance, anti-money laundering and risk manuals and procedures; and
  • Structuring and drafting all corporate documents in relation to Regulated Entities.

Please send an email to recruitment@lecocqassociate.com