Arnaud Fishman

Arnaud Fishman

What are your areas of specialty?

My work as a paralegal is oriented towards supporting lawyers in legal research, drafting memorandums and participating in various legal acts.

What kind of matters do you enjoy the most?

I like to participate in litigation cases, especially in relation to white collar crime and economic criminal law.

Tell us about your academic and professional background.

I have a Bachelor degree in international relations with a major in law from the University of Geneva. During this degree I spent a semester at Exeter University. In order to continue my studies in law, I did a one year bridge program to join the master of general law offered by the university of Geneva. In parallel to my master's degree, I also completed a Certificate in Transnational Law.

I have always worked alongside my studies. Before working at Lecocqassociate, I worked as a paralegal in a criminal law firm based in Geneva. I also did a summer internship with an FSA specialist in construction law. Beside the legal sector ,I have worked in other areas, such as organizing music events, supporting students with homework or helping health centers during the COVID pandemic.

How many languages do you speak?

I fluently speak French and English.

What made you want to be a solicitor/ lawyer?

I have always wanted to have a job that could have a positive impact on the lives of others. I must admit that I did not consider this profession at the beginning of my studies, which were oriented towards a more international dimension. However, the law courses I took during my bachelor's degree taught me the scope and strength of legal knowledge which motivated me to reorient myself towards law school.

Business aside, what do you enjoy doing when you are not in the office?

I have always done a lot of sport in my life. I played football until I was 18years old and I am currently doing a lot of boxing.

Besides sports, I have been close to different collectives organizing music events. I have always found music to be a pure form of expression and it takes a big place in my life.

What is your secret talent?

This year I had my first boxing fight. I am comfortable to talk about it because I won. I would have probably found something else to say if my exciting boxing career started with a loss.




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