Purva Jani

Purva Jani

Junior Associate

What are your areas of specialty?

As I am just a fresh Graduate, it would be quite early for me to conclude what my specialty is. But, as far as I am looking forward into my career, I have noticed that that Corporate and Regulatory matters, in addition to Commercial and Private Wealth Matters are truly enticing for me.

What kind of matters do you enjoy the most?

As I have to expose myself to the practice in the legal field, I really enjoy working on everything from drafting Agreements to reviewing Investments, and anything else that I have not yet done, but I will be doing in the future because this is all just the beginning and it is very difficult to decide just few things, when you enjoy just everything about what you do!

What is the most impactful work you have done throughout your career?

Being able to contribute to resolve the issues of the Clients and in turn helping the firm to climb the ladder of success and make it grow is certainly the most impactful work I am doing each day at work. Just a food for thought, you do not need to have one single work to call it impactful rather make the entire journey impactful, so they remember you for it all not just a thing!

Tell us about your academic and professional background.

In2021, I graduated from Middlesex University, Dubai Campus with an LLB Degree and specialising in Commercial and International Law. Followed by the graduation I got myself admitted in the University of Law London, in 2021, for pursuing my LLM and specialising in Commercial, and Private Clients and Intellectual Property Rights. During this period where I am pursuing my LLM, I joined lecocqassociate as a paralegal.

As far as my current plans go, I want to complete my LLM, while working at lecocqassociate and also becoming a SRA qualified Solicitor from the UK.

How many languages do you speak?

I speak English, Hindi and Gujarati fluently, and I have an basic understanding of Urdu and Arabic.

What made you want to be a solicitor/lawyer?

Till I can remember, I always wanted to be one, even when I did not know exactly what lawyers do except fighting, I was 7 maybe ;). Then definitely as I grew up I learned that I had it in my genes to practice law, on finding my great grandfather indeed was a good lawyer, back when there were Kings in India. He was so good, that they even gifted him an entire Garden, and named it after him!! But, well if everyone was intrigued to becoming something like this then the entire world would be practicing same professions as their family did.

I found particular interest towards the matters of Private Wealth, IP and things surrounding it, and as a cherry on top, Suites just pushed me more into it!

Business aside, what do you enjoy doing when you are not in the office?

Guess what it is…. sleeping, eating and binge watching shows on Netflix! And oh wait…. How did I forget about my love of going out literally anywhere, but special mention to the beach!

What is your secret talent?

Ok…. If it is a secret talent do I have to tell?! Yes, I guess. Singing when my throat is not being my enemy, and also writing when thoughts just pop in my mind and I have to anyhow grab my notes to type it in. But, not to forget it a secret talent!




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