Celaine Vella

Celaine Vella

+971 4 242 7843

What are your areas of specialty?

Corporate and Regulatory Practice, Incorporation of Companies, Residency and Citizenship programmes.

What kind of matters do you enjoy the most?

The complicated ones; because they always keep me on my toes.  I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out a way on how to solve a particular matter.

What is the most impactful work you have done throughout your career?

I think as lawyers our job is very impactful on whole. On a daily basis we help our clients achieve their goals and objectives, so I think that every single day should be of an impact for all lawyers.

Tell us about your academic and professional background.

In 2013 I enrolled for the Bachelor of Laws at the University of Malta, and in 2016 whilst I was still undergoing my studies, I started my journey with lecocqassociate as a junior associate where I was given the opportunity to experience corporate law at first hand.

A year later in 2017, I successfully graduated and a year later I obtained my Master of Advocacy. Finally, at the beginning of 2019, I was admitted to the Bar in Malta, after being awarded the warrant to practice law in Malta. Until today, I am still with lecocqassociate, and after 4 years, I moved up to becoming an Associate.

How many languages do you speak?

I speak Maltese, English and Italian fluently, and I have an basic understanding of French.

What made you want to be a solicitor/lawyer?

For as long as I can remember, I always had some sort of point to make. I was always ready to voice my opinion, and defend myself in miniscule arguments. There was never a turning point in my life where I wanted to change my profession to anything else, the choice was always obvious to a certain extent, I kind of always knew that legal work is what I want to do.

Business aside, what do you enjoy doing when you are not in the office?

When I’m out of office, I enjoy spending time with my friends, going out, reading and mostly doing crossfit,

What is your secret talent?

Singing, It’s not that much of a secret cause I sing all the time.